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At Professional Medical Fulfillment, we pride ourselves on being the leading medical supply company catering to adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, seniors in need of everyday support, adults and children with autism spectrum disorders, and others with complex health needs. With our partnership with HDIS, we can now serve families through waiver services or medicaid programs. Our focus is on building long-term relationships with our clients, empowering them to live independently and thrive in their communities. With mant years of experience, we are dedicated to serving those who have been historically underserved, under-appreciated, and misunderstood. Other vendors have failed to address the unique needs of families and providers/case managers in this community, but we are committed to providing excellence in service. Our passion has been and continues to be to make life easier for those who serve, no matter what it takes.

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At our core, we strive to excel in providing exceptional service to a diverse range of customers. Whether you represent a residential facility, AAA, Provider, Family member or Caregiver, we believe it would be an honor to serve as your trusted medical supply partner.

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For Businesses and Organizations

We understand waivers and budgets for businesses and provide personalized service with an Inside Account Manager. Our services cater to businesses like yours, and we build long-term partnerships by customizing your price level and experience for an easy and seamless experience.

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For Families and Caregivers

PMF has the expertise to serve your family and loved ones with quality solutions and personalized service. Our team will guide you through any supply-related questions or issues, and offer free samples to help. Plus, with the option to speak with the same person every time, you'll build lasting relationships.

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Prevail Daily Underwear

Prevail's Protective Underwear not only shields against moderate leakage linked with urge and mixed incontinence but also enhances efficiency by eliminating odors and fostering skin health. The advanced discreet core technology ensures exceptional performance while delivering added comfort and discretion. Comes in packs and cases.

Boost Original

BOOST® Original nutritional drink is a power-packed blend of essential nutrients that will invigorate your lifestyle with a burst of energy and confidence. Whether you're looking for a satisfying snack or a mini-meal, BOOST® Original is the perfect way to optimize your health and nourish your body. Comes in various flavors and packages

Prevail Adult Washcloths

Prevail® Adult Washcloths are engineered to clean and refresh the skin following leaks or product changes. Each wipe is Lotion Enriched and contains Vitamin E and Aloe to soothe and moisturize as it cleanses the skin. Single-Hand Dispensing® allows you to grab one wipe so that clean-up is quick, clean, and waste-free.  Get in packs or cases

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are waterproof, greaseproof, and oil proof, making them ideal for professionals who work with harmful substances. They provide chemical resistance, puncture resistance, and dexterity, making them a popular choice for use in laboratories and medical facilities. Comes in variety of sizes and package quantities.


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