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PMF offers a solution to the overwhelming task of purchasing medical supplies. With fair prices, excellent customer service, and supply management, we eliminate the need for searching for products and prices, allowing you to focus on your other responsibilities. At PMF, we pride ourselves on our ability to establish strong relationships with our customers. By understanding their unique needs, we are able to expertly match products with individuals within their budget. Our dedicated customer service team goes above and beyond to develop lasting connections with our customers. Discover how we can assist your business by clicking  the box that best suits you.

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"Seeing All the Direct Support Professionals, Care Coordinators, Special Education Teachers, Clinicians, Parents, Siblings, Foster Families… helping someone reach their fullest potential…helping them achieve fulfillment is what keeps us going because we are really the ones who get fulfillment by just being a small part of their story."

– Clint Chapman, Owner